Distributed Dynamic Clustering Algorithm in Randomly Deployed Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract:— Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) present a new generation of Real-time embedded systems being used in a wide variety of applications where traditional networking infrastructure is practically infeasible. However, WSNs have limited computation, energy and memory resources. With the use of energy conserving hardware, operating systems and communication protocols, the energy consumption in WSNs can be minimized. Clustering of WSNs is an effective way to reduce energy consumption. In this talk dynamic and efficient cluster formation and CH selection algorithms is presented by choosing distributed clustering for randomly deployed WSNs. Distributed clustering for a random deployment may result in clusters of uneven size and also isolated clusters. Variety of cluster models shall be presented and analyzed for performance in the context of cluster connectivity and the energy consumption of individual nodes in the clusters.

Presenter: Dr. Shubhalaxmi Kher, Ph.D, C.E, FIE, FIETE, SMIEEE, LM ISTE

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, AR, USA